Feel Unique Haul

Who doesn't like a bit of a shopping, huh? I sure do.

It all started with : " I just need a new moisturiser for my face", and hours later I found myself endlessly browsing through www.feelunique.com with way too much excitment on my face.
It was my first experience ordering from this site, but surely not the last one! I enjoyed the experience overall and delivery took less than I thought it would.

I purchased some makeup products from a relatively new brand (?) - Tanya Burr cosmetics. I treated myself with couple nail polishes. One of which is called "Penguin Chick". The name sold it to me instantly, since I'm a sucker for penguins. It's a very neutral, everyday color but at the same time seems very sophisticated.  The other one is called "Bright & Early", and the color looks very girly. Maybe even too much for my liking, but oh well, sometimes we need that bright pink in our lives, don't we?

I also got a lipgloss from this brand, which I really liked. It feels moisturising on my lips and lasts for couple hours without re-applying it. Also, in this picture, you can see "Penguin Chick" on my nails.

The other brand, that I hadn't heard before was Zoella Beauty. So, being the curious human being that I am, I ordered a body cream. And it smells delightful! It's supposed to smell like macarons, but I'm not sure if it does. Anyway, if you're a fan of sweet, candy-like smells you will like this one as well.

My favourite foundation was going to an end, so I decided to try the famous L'oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hour-Matte foundation. In a shade 11/Vanilla. I can't report on that yet, since I haven't testet it properly. I will let you know what I think about it later.

Oh yes, I got a face moisturiser as well. Which was the main reason I went on this site in a first place. Haha, no judging. 

Something to help reduce my post acne spots.

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