Nutella Hot Chocolate

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For two servings you will need:

1 1/2 cups milk
1/3 cup Nutella
Whipped cream or marshmallows (optional)



Girl Talk



bareMinerals Get Started Complexion Kit


Couple of months ago I purchased BareMinerals Get Started Complexion Kit, but I didn’t want to write about it, until I’m 100% sure, what I’m talking about. 

After approximately two months of trying BareMinerals products, I can safely say, that I love them. First of all, these products don’t clog my pores at all, which is a huge advantage for me, since I have oily and acne-prone skin. Moreover, my skin condition improved and looks healthier and more radiant, than before using the products in the kit. This get started complexion kit includes:

Prime Time Foundation Primer (15 ml/0.5 fl. oz.)

ORIGINAL Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 (2 g/0.07 oz.)

MATTE Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 (1.5 g/0.05 oz.)

Warmth All-Over Face Color (0.57 g/0.02 oz.)

Mineral Veil finishing powder (0.75 g/0.03 oz.)

Flawless Application Face Brush

Keepsake Makeup Clutch

Prime Time Foundation Primer – goes very smoothly on the skin and doesn’t leave any greasy feeling. Also, small amount goes a long way. I noticed, that when I use this primer, any foundation (I use it with other foundations as well) stays longer on my skin without disappearing. 

ORIGINAL Foundation – very light weight and natural looking. Perfect for a “good skin day”, when you don’t need much coverage. 

MATTE Foundation – pretty much the same as the Original one, but leaves a matte finish. Personally I prefer the Matte one.

Warmth All-Over Face Color – the most beautiful bronzer I have ever owned. Doesn’t look orange on skin and leaves my face with a beautiful radiant glow.
Mineral Veil® finishing powder – I use this as a setting foundation. Since I have mentioned before, I have oily skin, but Mineral Veil, really helps with this problem a lot. 

Flawless Application Face Brush – all-round brush, absolutely perfect for foundation, warmth or mineral veil. Doesn’t shed at all.

All in all, this Get Started Complexion Kit has become my everyday necessity. I’m very curious to try other BareMinerals products, because this kit was a pleasant surprise!


Prieš keletą mėnesių gimtadienio proga pasidovanojau sau bareMinerals get Started Complexion Kit (juk patys sau išsirenkame geriausias dovanas) , tačiau nenorėjau rašyti jokio atsiliepimo apie šį produktą, kol nebuvau visiškai garantuota su kuo turime reikalų.
Po maždaug dviejų mėnesių testavimo, galiu drąsiai teigti, jog tiesiog myliu šį rinkinį. Jokios hiperbolės, tiesiog tikra meilė. Visų pirma, ši mineralinė pudra nekemša mano porų, o tai – didžiulis privalumas, nes mano oda yra linkusi greit blizgėti, o dienos eigoje esu priversta susipažinti su to pasekmėmis – spuogais.  
Pastebėjau, kad  nuo šių produktų naudojimo pradžios bendra mano odos būklė pagerėjo, tačiau turėčiau paminėti, jog pradėjau gerti daugiau vandens nei įprastai bei iš maisto raciono išmečiau labai mylimą picą, tad visų laurų bareMinerals priskirti negaliu. 

Rinkinį sudaro:

Prime Time Foundation Primer

Original Mineralinė pudra SPF15

Matte Mineralinė pudra SPF15


Mineral veil

Veido šepetėlis

Kosmetikos krepšelis

Prime Time Foundation Primer – labai lengvai tepasi ant odos bei nepalieka riebaus pojūčio. Paruošia veido odą pudrai. Užtenka žirnio dydžio produkto visam veidui, tad užtenka gana ilgam. Pastebėjau, jog, kai naudoju šį produktą, bet kokia pudra laikosi ilgiau, bet veidas išlieka matinis.

Originali pudra – labai lengvai maskuoja, sulygina veido odos atspalvį, maskuoja nežymias dėmeles, tad tinkama „geros odos dienoms“, kai norisi lengvo efekto. Kai noriu dramatiškesnio įvaizdžio, renkuosi kreminę pudrą, nes šios man nepakanka.

Matte pudra – maskavimas toks pat lengvas, tačiau suteikia matinį efektą, todėl šią pudrą renkuosi dažniau nei Original.

Bronzantas – pats geriausias bronzantas kokį esu turėjusi. Neturi oranžinio atspalvio, todėl atrodo labai natūraliai bei suteikia gyvumo ir lengvo, sveiko švytėjimo veidui.

Mineral veil – kaip jau minėjau, mano oda yra linkusi į nemalonų blizgėjimą. Šis produktas su tuo susitvarko kuo puikiausiai. Tačiau rinkinyje šios pudros kiekis labai mažas – tad man jau teiks pirkti papildymą.

Veido šepetėlis – naudoju visiems produktams, išskyrus Foundation Primer. Visiškai nesišeria!

Taigi, rekomenduoju išbandyti, jeigu ieškai ko nors, kas pabrėžtų Tavo natūralų grožį. Deja, nemanau, kad tiks toms, ką šiuo metu kankina stipri aknė, nes šios mineralinės pudros maskavimo galimybės gana nedidelės.



Banana Chia Pudding


3 table spoons chia seeds

½ cup coconut milk

1  tablespoon honey or agave nectar


DIP#2| Vilnius

Last week I was in Vilnius, so I decided to snap some pictures and share them with you. I highly recommend visiting this beautiful city for everyone, who has never been there. There’s plenty of good food restaurants for foodies to choose from. Moreover, history lovers will also have a great time, since it’s full of authentic things to explore!

Have you ever been there?



Let's Buy All The Things! | HAUL#1

It was an ordinary day. I ran out of toothpaste, went to buy some. Ended up broke and with a bag of unnecessary beauty products. Happens to the best of us, am I right???

I mean, who would have resisted a fifty percent discount? Not me. I have not had time to try these products for a full review, yet.  But I have a feeling  I’m not gonna be disappointed.

What did I get?

GOSH Defining Brow Gel. Since I’ve grew out my natural eyebrow shape, and I noticed that it doesn’t need much product in it. So defining gel seems just perfect to touch up.

GOSH Golden Moss Eye Pencil. Golden tones bring out green eyes, so I decided to give it a shot. Also it’s waterproofed, so that’s handy for rainy days or watching “Titanic”.

GOSH 001 Nougat Crisp Lip Pencil. For dem Kylie Jenner Lips. Perfect nude shade!

Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Milk. I’ve been using “Simple” cleansing wipes for couple of months now, so it’s time to switch things up a little bit!



Dress over Pants - What Exactly is a Salwar Kameez | Guest Post

There’s a new trend on the fashion block that’s gaining popularity among designers, fashion bloggers and celebrities worldwide. The salwar kameez, or dress-over-pants, is an outfit adapted from the Pakistani culture, and thanks to its unique look, simple yet effective cuts and stylistic versatility, it helped many western fashion designers find inspiration for their unconventional modish pieces. A hot trend for the spring/summer season, the salwar kameez is slowly but steadily getting through to top fashion industry tiers – and here, we have a brief overview of the history, vogue combinations and celeb sightings starring dress-over-pants.

Salwar origins: Traditional costumes in South Asia

The salwar khameez has its roots in the Mughal Empire, where it was worn as customary attire for both formal events and everyday occasions. The traditional salwar kameez costume occupies a prominent place in South Asian culture (especially in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India), and it consists of a long tunic (kameez, or body shirt) combined with salwar (pantaloons). The two-piece outfit is usually made from comfy fabrics, such as cotton, chiffon, silk, linen, georgette but it can also be designed as a fusion of different materials. Either a matching set or a combination of pieces in monochromatic design and bold patterns, the salwar kameez is worn by both men and women on the sub-content, though the outfit design and style somewhat differ by gender and region.

Salwar kameez in contemporary fashion

Kameez usually comes as either a tunic sewn flat and straight in the shape of the letter A or a long, flowy body shirt that resembles a dress. Drawing on these two main styles, the modern kameez look has been slightly adjusted to match other popular fashion fads across the globe. For instance, a kameez with set-in sleeves is currently very trendy in Europe and the U.S., while tunics with elaborate neckline decorations are more prominent in Asia and Eastern Europe. For more liberal fashionistas, kameez can also feature a deep neckline, sleeveless design or cap sleeves, which is why it’s well-suited to spring and summer wear. You can buy amazing Salwar Kameez suits from Fashions by India.

The dress-over-pants outfit has recently been seen as a combination of preference in the celebrity world: well-known trend-setters such as Kendall Janner, Emma Watson and Sarah Jessica Parker have been caught on camera wearing this quirky Eastern attire – and much to their favor figure-wise, too.

1. Kendall Jenner

Although she’s better known for statement outfits that bring out a lady’s most flattering attributes such as a well-toned body, swan-like neckline and firm legs, Kendal Jenner was recently spotted wearing the salwar kameez in public. In the all-white outfit that revealed her arms only, Jenner looked effortlessly chic, sexy yet discreet and highly fashion-savvy. A nice go at unisex fashion there, Miss J.

2. Emma Watson

Another sighting of the salwar kameez among celebrities is Emma Watson’s hybrid outfit seen at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this year. Miss Watson’s daring ensemble featured a pair of blue heels, black pants and a stunning floor-long high-neckline dress in vibrant red designed by the master of chic cuts, Christian Dior. A brave clothing combination for the red carpet, verily.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

Mrs. Parker is one more celebrity whose refined clothing combinations have become a byword for superior fashion and taste. During a recent filming in Rome, Sarah was seen wearing dress-over-pants attire consisting of grey straight-leg trousers and a grey, three-quarter sleeve dress with cute multicolor floral design.
Whatever your personal opinion of hybrid clothing may be, the salwar kameez is here and it seems it’s going to hang around for a while. With the dress-over-pant trend, you no longer have to choose between that elegant black dress and your favorite pipe-leg pants – you can wear them both and still look fit for a queen of the catwalk!

About the Author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Australian literature graduate who loves to read and has been writing since she was little. Her passion is beauty and fashion and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course…. shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page.



My Everyday Autumn Makeup

Today I share with you my simple, yet sophisticated everyday makeup look. Almost everytime (when I’m actually wearing makeup) you can see me with a winged eyeliner, but today I wanted to try something different for me. And here’s the result! Bold lip colour really makes a difference, doesn’t it?



Current Favourite : Lindex Dark Plum Lipstick

Do you love dark lipstick as much as I do? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place, because you’re in for a treat!



It's Time To Dress For Fall

Autumn is totally my favourite season of the the year. It’s time to get comfortable, layer up and embrace the cool weather. Let’s break out the jackets and rain boots!

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Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Glosses

Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.

I have to admit, I have never been a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret products. I always thought that it’s all about perfect marketing  solutions and good looking models. My opinion might have changed recently, though.
While I was looking for a new lip gloss, my eye got caught on these pretty-looking Victoria’s secret lip gloss tubes. I have been using these two shades ( Candy Baby and Sweet Sangria)  for quite some time now. And surprisingly – I like these glosses a lot.


 Long lasting. It stays on my lips for couple of hours, which is surprising for a lip gloss.
  Has a nice fruity smell.
 Looks beautiful on the lips.
 Very convenient packaging.


 Sticky feeling on the lips. (Which is common for lip glosses, but I still don’t like it.)

Have you tried any of these glosses?



Day In Photos| DIP #1| OSLO

Hello Gorgeous!

I introduce you to a new segment that I’ll be doing on my blog ! DIP – day in photos where you will be able to  know me better and see what I’m usually up to!

Today it is my trip to Oslo. Totally will be coming back there – amazing atmosphere and breathtaking landscape. Have you ever been there?

I mean, seriously??? After seeing this, I bought a box of cupcakes. Not even sorry.

What I'm wearing:

 BIK BOK Shorts
BIK BOK Raindrop Necklace
Primark Handbag
Cubus Top

Let me know what you think about DIP!


Healthy Summer Snack

Do  you ever  feel peckish, but don’t want to eat anything that could potentially add some unwanted highlight to your waistline?

 Or maybe you’re just health conscious? Well, both are applicable to me. So I combined some ingredients I had in my house ( I would say fridge, but I don’t keep salt and pepper there ) and the result is totally amazing! Light, crispy and delicious snack, which takes only five minutes to prepare. Here’s what you’re  going to need:


Ar kada jautiesi alkana (–as), bet nenori krimsti visko, kas tik papuola po ranka ir gali sugadinti Tavo kūno linijas? O gal tiesiog propaguoji sveiką gyvenimo būdą? Sau taikau abu variantus. Taigi sujungusi keletą produktų, kuriuos radau savo namuose ( sakyčiau šaldytuve, bet ten nelaikau druskos), gavau puikų rezultatą, kuriuo dalinuosi su Tavimi!

Štai, ko Tau reikės:


Grate one small beet root, add some lemon juice to it, one table spoon of olive oil, some salt and pepper to taste and mix everything together. Spread it evenly on  your preferred crisp bread and add couple of ripe avocado slices on top. You can also top it with some flax seeds if you like it.

And voila! Enjoy!


Sutarkuok vieną mažą burokėlį, įspausk šiek tiek citrinų sulčių, įpilk vieną valgomąjį šaukštą alyvuogių aliejaus, įberk šiek tiek druskos ir pipirų pagal skonį ir viską išmaišyk kartu. Paskirstyk viską tolygiai ant mėgstamos traškios duonos ir uždėk pora prinokusio avokado griežinėlių ant viršaus. Taip pat, jeigu mėgsti, gali viską apibarstyti linų sėmenų  sėklomis.

Voila! Skanaus!



Rock Revolution | OOTD

Laaaaaabas! Aš gyva! Ir grįžtu pas Tave su nauju deriniu.

Žinai, neketinu skųstis, kad ši vasara nelepina manęs savo karščiu, ir netgi neburnoju dėl to, kad net savo mažojo kojos pirštelio dar neįmerkiau į kokį nors vandens telkinį (dušas nesiskaito). Nes kaaaaam reikia karštų saulės spindulių, kai gali naudotis proga ir dėlioti įvairius aprangos derinius, kurių negalėtum vilkėti esant +35C karščiui?

Bet vis tiek jaučiu šiokį tokį kartėlį, nes už penkių minučių parduotuvėse atsiras Helovyno dekoracijos, o aš vis dar balta, kaip sūris.

O kaip bėga Tavo vasara?

Heeeeello there! I‘m still alive! And I‘m not coming back empty handed.

You know, I‘m not even going to complain how cold this summer is, or how I have not even dipped my little toe into the sea.  Because, you know what? Who needs hot summer weather, when you can arrange all these OOTD‘s , that you couldn‘t wear during hot summer weather?

I‘m still a little bit bitter, though.

How‘s your summer going?

Jacket - Primark
Jeans - Noisy May
Top - Cubus
Hat - Cubus
Sunglasses - H&M
Sneakers - Converse



My Favourite Spring/Summer Hairstyles

Which one is your favourite?



April Favourites

Every time before writing a monthly favourites blog post, I have to sit down and remember all the products that I’ve been loving during the past month. This time I have this already sorted out, because I have been using these products religiously, so they are already resting on my dressing table. Here we go!

Ruošdamasi rašyti mėnesio mėgstamiausių įrašą visada bent keletą dienų suku galvą kokias priemones naudojau kasdien ir kas man paliko didžiausią įspūdį arba suteikė daugiausiai naudos. Šį kartą man to neprireikė daryti, nes viskas jau buvo sudėta  vienoje vietoje. Šias priemones sąžiningai naudoju kiekvieną dieną, todėl dalinuosi savo balandžio mėnesio mėgstamiausiais!

The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balms. It’s no secret that I’m completely addicted to lip products, but the the good thing is – I’m not the only one J . These lips balms smell delicious, moisturize my lips and give a slight tint. What else can I possibly need?

The Body Shop Born Lippy lūpų balzamai. Vieša paslaptis, kad lūpų balzamai yra mano priklausomybė, bet guodžia ta mintis, kad tokia esu ne vienintelė J Šie lūpų balzamai kvepia vaisiais, maitina ir drėkina mano lūpas, bei suteikia laaaabai švelnų atspalvį lūpoms. Ko daugiau reikia, tiesa?

Clearasil Face Cleansing Pads. I can positively call this product a real discovery. It cleans any leftover makeup, disinfects skin and also fights acne. Also it smells nice. The salicylic acid can be slightly drying on your skin, though.

Clearasil valomieji veido diskeliai. Galiu drąsiai vadinti šiuos diskelius metų atradimu. Idealiai nuvalo makiažo likučius, dezinfekuoja veido odą ir padeda kovoti su nepageidaujamais spuogeliais, bei maloniai kvepia. Tiesa, sudėtyje esanti salicilo rūgštis gali šiek tiek sausinti veido odą.

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Travel Essentials Make Up Kit. Super soft and elegant looking. My favourite one is Multi Task brush. Works perfectly when applying blush or loose powder.

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Travel Essentials makiažo šepetėliai. Labai švelnūs ir elegantiškai atrodantys. Labiausiai pagyrų nusipelnė Multi Task šepetėlis, kuris idealiai tinka tiek skaistalų padengimui, tiek ir biriai pudrai. Šešėlių šepetėlis puikiai tarnauja  maskavimo priemonių padengimui.

Catrice 120 Wood Rose Propose Lipstick. This shade of lipstick has become one of my favourite ones. It‘s ideal for everyday make up. It fades out quite quickly, though, so I always have it near me just in case.

Catrice 120 Wood Rose Propose lūpų dažai. Šie lūpų dažai tapo mano kasdieniniu palydovu. Ideali spalva kasdieniniam makiažui. Tiesa, „nusivalgo“ gana greitai, todėl visada verta turėti netoliese, jeigu prireiktų vėl atsinaujinti.

Bio Oil for dehydrated skin, scars, wrinkles and other skin imperfections. It has become irreplaceable for me. My skin feels soft and hydrated and using this. I use this every evening.

Bio Oil aliejus skirtas dehidratuotai odai, randelių gydymui, raukšlelių lyginimui ir kitiems odos nelygumams. Apie šį aliejų vyrauja dviprasmiška nuomonė, tačiau man jis tapo nepakeičiamu. Idealiai susigeria į odą, maitina ir šviesina esamas dėmeles ant odos. Naudoju vieną kartą vakare.

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter. I‘m going to be honest with you. I bought it and use this body butter completely for it‘s scent. If I use this in the morning, I feel energised and ready for the day.

The Body Shop rausvųjų greipfruktų kvapo kūno sviestas. Tiesą sakant, įsigijau ir naudoju šį kūno sviestą dėl nerealaus kvapo. Jeigu naudoju jį ryte, šis citrusinis kvapas suteikia energijos dienos pradžiai.

Simple Make Up Removing Wipes. It doesn‘t remove heavy make up, but it works great, when you need to remove light make up or any left overs.

Simple makiažo valymo servetėlės. Sunkaus vakarinio makiažo idealiai tikrai nepašalina, tačiau makiažo likučius ir lengvą dieninį makiažą nuvalo be priekaištų. Neerzina veido odos  ir nesukelia alergijos.

Do you have any April favourites? Tell me in the comments!
O kokie Tavo balandžio mėgstamiausi produktai? Pasidalink komentaruose!